dimanche 8 janvier 2012

Heyyyy ! Shiny new sketch book o/

Hi everyone, welcome and Happy New Year !

I have finaly decided to use this blog thqt I have for quite a while now. So, I guess this may be some kind of new year resolution for me to be constant on actualising this blog with background drawings and researches. And by the way it will be a very good exercice for me to write in english as it is not my mother language and I realy, realy need to practice. In advance, I apologize for mistakes and I hope there wan't be so many of them.

Well. time to go now, with a first post. I will try to update every week with random stuff I done. Some of them will be studies for illustrations, others drawings to lay ideas on the paper and so on.

I think I will begin softly with this little one :)

Mini red drake :

The process :

Drake's head researches

See you !

1 commentaire:

  1. Mini red drake ! So cute ^^ (well, except his scary eyes)

    Love the process. It's always fascinating to see the drawing go on, step by step.